Hybrid Breast Augmentation

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Boobs are like a box of chocolates, but sometimes it seems empty. In that case,we can help you achieve the flavor you crave for too.

Hybrid Breast Augmentation is a combination of techniques that aim to provide a harmonious and natural result in those patients where certain abnormalities occur, such as:

Micromastia (abnormally small breasts): This type of patient would need very large implants to have a result that can barely be perceived, with all the disadvantages that entails using very large implants. That is why a combination of implants plus your own fat can be the solution.

Tubular breasts: those patients with this condition where the breasts appear irregularly shaped, with a rather conical shape instead of a round one, can also benefit from this technique and avoid using very large or highly projected implants.

Very lateral or very medial nipples: Usually the nipples are located in a relatively central area, but sometimes they can be very lateral (which is relatively common in patients with very prominent ribcage). On the contrary in very muscular patients, they can be very medial and therefore lack lateral cleavage. Combining your own fat with implants can lead to a better aesthetic result in either case.

A hybrid breast augmentation is not only the combination of body fat with implants. It is a combination of technical details that allow us to have a better result in patients who with normal augmentation would not achieve the desired cleavage. The fat is usually obtained from the abdomen and sometimes from the thighs, especially when the patients are very thin. The recovery is very similar to that of normal breast augmentation. The operating room time and the total cost of surgery are higher due to the materials used and the longer surgery time (usually an additional hour).

Hybrid breast augmentation is a glimpse into the future, where smaller volume and less projected implants will be used more and more, all with the goal of having the most natural result possible.

Recovery time: From 1 to 2 weeks, the technique we use at Cirugía Plática Lomas allows you to return to your usual activities in less than 48 hours if you follow all the indications to the letter. You can also return to aerobic exercise gradually in less than 3 weeks.

Type of Anesthesia: General, always under the supervision of a certified anesthesiologist, after cardiovascular evaluation.

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