Breast Lift

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Gravity is the number one enemy of a mature woman’s breasts. Pregnancies, breastfeeding and weight fluctuations accelerate this process. Over time, the mammary glands seem to deflate, causing the skin along with the areola and nipple, to move downward provoking severely droopy or saggy breasts.

The solution to this problem is mastopexy or breast lifting. It is a surgery in which breasts are reshaped and lifted through incisions in order to improve the looks of them by removing excess skin and tissue.

There is always a question about whether it can be done in conjunction with an implant augmentation. The answer is yes, as long as large implants are not used, and the patient’s tissues are strong enough to withstand extra weight over time.

Recovery time: From 2 to 3 weeks. The use of a special bra is mandatory for 6 weeks.

Type of Anesthesia: General, always under the supervision of a certified anesthesiologist, after cardiovascular evaluation.

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