Breast Augmentation

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Boobs are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. But we can help you achieve the flavor you crave for.

In Cirugía Plástica Lomas we perform Breast Augmentation Surgery under the strictest quality standards. We use implants of the latest generation, of the best quality and with extended warranty. And most importantly, we offer natural results. No more fake giant balloons in women’s chests like back in the 90s. The priority for our patients is for them to get harmonious and beautifully organic results while going through a quick recovery.

If you are considering getting a boob job, there are certain things you should know:

There are several types of access through which an implant can be placed. The incision location could be periareolar, inframammary or transaxillary. Likewise, there are several planes where the implant can be placed: in front of the muscle, behind the muscle , or a combination of both. There are also several types of implants: teardrop, round, or ergonomic; obviously there are many sizes and different profiles and projections.

During the first assessment, all the advantages and disadvantages of the approaches, the types of implants and the planes in which they are placed will be explained to you. A size will also be suggested to you according to your physical characteristics: your height, the width of your back, your biotype and the current size of your breasts. Although the final decision is totally yours. All this with the purpose of achieving the best possible result for the wishes of each of our patients.

Recovery time: From 1 to 2 weeks, the technique we use at Cirugía Plática Lomas allows you to return to your usual activities in less than 48 hours if you follow all the indications to the letter. You can also return to aerobic exercise gradually in less than 3 weeks.

Type of Anesthesia: General, always under the supervision of a certified anesthesiologist, after cardiovascular evaluation.

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